Friday, November 30, 2012

Here We Go Again

My memories of introducing Finley to baby food is blurry but my blog posts are helpful to reminisce, however, I still find it to be starting at square one as I began to introduce Dagny to the world of solid foods.  We brought up the high chair, wiped it down, and let her sit in it to play a couple times. 
Then, it was time to get down to business.  I mixed some breastmilk with some baby oatmeal flakes (dust) and guided the spoon in.  Man, what a mess.  Who knows what is getting ingested, dribbled out, wiped off, smudged on the bib, etc.  She did tolerate the experience though, so I considered it a success.
We have tried to have one "meal" each day since and while I never have any clue how much she's "eating," I do see the occasional gulp and swallow amidst the tongue thrusting so that's positive.

This morning, we tried mixing in a little sweet potato to the oatmeal.  I won't say she loved it, but liquid sweet potatoes don't sound all that appetizing, do they?  I think she's getting the hang of things and from the look of her here, I'd say she's enjoying it!

Finley's 3 Year Check Up

On Monday this week, Finley had his three year check up.  It was also his first check up with our new pediatrician, so there was lots to discuss.  The interesting part was that this was the first appointment where Finley could do most of the talking and answered many of the doctor's questions himself.

What is your favorite vegetable?
(long pause, being shy) Peas and green beans.
What is your favorite fruit?
Apples and blackberries.
Do you drink milk?
(no response, so I stepped in and said, not much)
Do you sleep all night in your own bed?
What letter does your name start with?
What is your baby sister's name?
Dagny, she's right there.
Then, she did a physical exam and he giggled as she pushed on his belly.  He did some lovely overdramatic deep breaths as she listened to his lungs.  She asked him to hop down and they did some gross motor stuff--hopping, standing on one leg, walking on tip toes, etc.  He thought it was funny that the doctor asked him to "walk like a duck" on his heels.

We ended the appointment with a short chat about potty training (or Finley's lack thereof) and Dr. Simon kindly assured me that it's totally fine that at three, Finley's not close.  Just continue to encourage him.  Sigh.**

**Update - Tuesday and Thursday this week, Finley went #1 on the potty at school!!!!!

Finley took his flu shot like a champ (sort of), but lost his marbles when he had to have his blood drawn that afternoon for a lead test.  Thankfully, Dan came home early to help and Finley gave his blood calmly but screamed and cried when the needle came out and the bandaid went on.  Poor guy.    

Our first "baby" is three.  Wow.  He just keeps getting more fun, more articulate, more imaginative, more independent, more stubborn, more intelligent, and more hysterical.  

Here he is trapped inside a bowling ball last week.
Just kidding, he's in a tunnel at a local playground.  I love his expression here, it's hard to figure out just what he's thinking but he sure looks thoughtful!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trains Trains Trains

After reading about the Danbury Railway Museum on a parents' list some months ago, we have been looking for the opportunity to go.  Danbury is only about 45 minutes north of White Plains so on Saturday, GG and Grandpa joined us for the adventure.  It wasn't exactly on the way home, but at least it wasn't the complete opposite direction :)

So we arrived and after about fifteen minutes, we'd seen the entire interior portion of the museum.

If you are 3 years old and train obsessed (yes, that's you Finley), you were in heaven.  The rest of us were only mildly entertained, but thankfully GG and Grandpa had purchased us all train tickets and soon we heard the bell ring alerting us that it was time to board the train.  Finley didn't need to be told twice and he took off!
We boarded the train and began the short, slow trip across the rail yard.  Finley enjoyed every second!
Dagny enjoyed it, too.
Finley even got his ticket punched by the conductor.

The train stopped and we all got to "ride" the only working turntable in all of Connecticut! Again--if you are three, this experience equaled totally awesome fun.
We then rode the train further across the yard and back again while conductor talked to us about many of the trains in the yard (but sorry, Granddad, I don't remember much of what he said).  Afterwards, we got to explore the assorted trains parked in the yard and it was great fun.
A rare mommy-baby picture that I adore :)
Inside the caboose, Finley knew it was where the train crew got to ride and thought it was funny to see a kitchen and bathroom in there.

We checked out the mail train and then made our way to the big locomotive.
Finley tried out being the engineer!
It was pretty cold and windy by that point, so we made our way back inside the museum.

GG and Grandpa were great sports to tag along with us and Finley had a blast.  He's asked to go back again already...yikes...maybe next time his rail-buff Granddad is in town!

Stew Leonards

Finley had been to Stew Leonard's when he was tiny enough to into the front pack, but not since.  This visit was much more memorable! Lots of singing puppets around every corner :)
The store is laid out like a maze, so you have to walk all the way through to see everything available for purchase.  Dan got tired of carrying Finley after a while, so Grandpa took over just in time to see this cute chicken singing Old MacDonald.

White Plains Fun

November has morphed into Finley's Birthday Month and that thrills him (and me) to no end.  Aunt Ellie and Uncle Donny gave him a cool remote controlled car -- despite some battery installation challenges -- the car was ready to roll in the kitchen.
Finley is getting the hang of the remote, but it will probably take a while longer until he can really get it to do what he wants :)
Another vehicle came into Finley's life, a three-wheeled scooter from GG and Grandpa!! Before we left for NY, Finley saw that I had packed his helmet and he said, "If you are taking my helmet, you better pack my bike, Mommy."   So insightful.  I explained that Grandpa had asked me to bring it for something special and Finley accepted that explanation without pause. Phew.  As soon as GG brought it up from the basement, Finley asked to have his helmet strapped on and he waited patiently for Dan to connect the handlebars.
Then, it was time to take it for a spin!
He did alright his first time out, but by the following afternoon--he was an expert scooter driver! What a  learning curve!! Thanks GG and Grandpa!!

On Friday, we piled into two cars to check out a playground GG found out about from another friend who is a grandparent.  Finley had fun exploring (and GG did, too).
We played there for a while and then took our sports equipment to a nearby field.  We tossed a football and a frisbee around and Finley impressed everyone with his skills.  It was a bit windy, but we played out there for a while and I loved watching Finley run around and love every minute of it.  I also loved watching Dan watch Finley, his boy--a sports fanatic!

Then, we went to Sal's pizza and despite the crowded nature of the restaurant and the long wait for the pizza--everyone had fun.  Finley watched some pies being made, we all ate our fill of NY pizza, and Dagny had fun making eyes with her Grandpa and checking out his fingers.

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving for us was down in NY this year and after an easy drive, sans traffic Thursday morning, we got down to eating!  Being a picky eater, Finley decided to start off drinking first--in his new, Cars chalice that Grandpa bought for him.
But we did need him to eat something, so we loaded up his plate with a little bit of everything and used a sticker chart to track his ten bites of Thanksgiving dinner.  
He ate the broccoli first, then mildly tolerated a fork full of mashed potatoes, and finished with the turkey.  He seemed to prefer the white meat (that's my boy!) but tried the dark meat, too.  He refused to sample his GG's amazing gravy, but that just meant more for the rest of us.

Dagny made her rounds and enjoyed the social nature of this holiday.
And she entertained herself for a bit, too.  Love this "Go Pod" from Grammy :) She still needs a little extra support, thus the pillow, but she loves being upright with lots of toys within reach.
After Finley had all his bites and most everyone else was done, we got a big platter to put out the fall leaf cookies and chocolate/peanut butter acorns that Finley and I had made the day before.
 Dessert was yummy--especially since Aunt Ellie made some fresh whipped cream to top her homemade pumpkin pie.  Finley excused himself from the table and got back to his favorite activity at his grandparents' house--riding the front loader tractor around!
 We also took some family photos for my parents' holiday card--GG was kind enough to snap a dozen as we tried to get everyone looking at the camera with their eyes open.  I won't post the one that will actually be on the card, but here's my favorite runner up!
Happy Thanksgiving!