Thursday, May 15, 2014

Our Little Calfdozer

Dagny is really getting into building, sorting, and relocating.
And she's pretty proud of herself!
 But what cracks me up even more is that she LOVES trucks just like Finley.  She knows the names of a dozen different construction and emergency vehicles, though she can't identify most colors!  One of Finley's truck books explained that small bulldozers are called calfdozers and this nickname seems to fit Dagny in all her miniature truck glory.

The above truck in action is actually a bobcat and not a bulldozer, but that reminds me of a slight truck tangent...As Finley eagerly counts the months down to his next birthday (6!), he's equally excited as about Dagny's birthday which is coming much sooner.  He likes to ask her (almost on a daily basis) what kind of cake she is going to want and what she'll want on top of it.  She usually agrees to chocolate about the flavor but this week she's repeatedly told us (Finley and me) that she wants a bobcat (truck) on top of her cake and not any of other Finley's suggestions: a baby, a teddy bear, a soccer ball, or necklaces.  Well, we'll see how she feels in 6 weeks when we get closer to the big day!