Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Assorted Picts

One afternoon, Dagny and I were left to our own devices and what was first on her to-do list...lining up trucks and trains (channeling her inner-big-brother).

 Then, it was time to load up the dump truck and take it for a spin.
 Her stuffed penguin got quite a ride!
 Running errands doesn't always have to be boring, right? We love Target!
 And Home Depot...
 And ToysRUs!
 Saved the best for last...here's Dan feeding his little baby bird some Ramen noodles last weekend.

Hockey Boy

Finley's love (obsession) of hockey continues, as does the Bruins winning streak, go Bs!

Finley and Dan were both hockey players at the Purim carnival.
The street hockey puck we ordered arrived and Finley was thrilled!

Our Children at the Children's Museum

Today was a bit out of the ordinary. Dan is away on business in Philly and the kids' school was closed for professional development  so I took the day off.  We began the day with Finley's dental check up and then headed to the big city to explore the Children's Museum.  We went there all the time when Finley was little and I think Dagny may have gone once in a front pack in her very early baby months, but I was excited to take them both after quite a long time.

I'm too exhausted to caption each photo, but I hope you'll enjoy them and that you get a sense of how much fun the two kids had not only at the museum with with each other!

On our way to the museum, walking past construction vehicle after construction vehicle, Finley was in heaven!
 First stop, third floor, construction zone!
 To the produce market...
 Street music :)
 The Nashville music exhibit was really fun.
The toddler rom brought back lots of little Finley memories and it was hysterical to see him "too big" for much of the stuff in there.
 Both kids managed to stay fairly dry in the water room, amazing!
Trying to catch butterflies on screen, kind of like watching a cat chase a laser pointer light!
 The bubble room was super soapy.
 We heard an announcement for a circle time/story time happening upstairs and Finley said "let's go!" so off we went.  We sang ABCs, You are my Sunshine, and Old MacDonald (Dagny shouted out pig when the guitar player asked for the next animal and seemed quite pleased that he picked pig for her).
 Then, they read Brown Bear, Brown Bear - a Dagny fav - and passed out felt animals from the story to kids in the circle.  Dagny got the black sheep and Finley got the teacher.  Right after a little boy put his white dog up, Dagny nearly jumped off my lap to put up her black sheep -- even before the reader turned the page to show the sheep! We have read that book TOO MANY TIMES!! But I was proud :)
 Finley was excited to have the teacher, "just like you, Mommy."  Sigh :)
 Driving a school bus.
 Snack break!
 One last stop was the "dance mat."
Then, Finley tried out the game where you have to stomp on the flashing squares that appear all over the board.
Phew! We made it to every floor and nearly every exhibit.  The kids ate their "picnic car lunch" on the way home and then we all took naps at home.  A successful day :)