Sunday, April 24, 2016

Finley's Lego Band

Legos can really bring out a kid's creativity.  A few weeks back, Finley created a lego band complete with:
a drum set and sticks
 a guitar
 a saxaphone

 and with a little help from me, a keyboard
Then, he and Dagny jammed!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Finley pedals without training wheels!

Just this morning!

We are so proud of Finley! Kudos to Dan for all his research, hard work and fearlessness (if it were up to me, Finley would have looked like the Michelin man!).  Bring on the spring and summer weather for family biking adventures!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Climbing Rocks with Kids

We went rock climbing with some family friends a couple weeks back. The kids were psyched to get their harnesses on and get started.
 And I love how they tested that Dagny's was secure!
 Sorry for a lack of action photos, but Dan and I were climbing too! Here's the kid crowd after a couple hours of hard work!

Two Peas in a Pod

No captions needed, just siblings being siblings :)

Finley Trains Without Training Wheels

After much web and peer-parents research, Dan has taken Finley's training wheels and the pedals off of his bike in order to teach him how to ride on two wheels.  

They've been going to a hill down the street from us to practice and he's getting the hang of it, here he is coasting by me and trying not to be too distracted.

Maybe by the time summer comes around, he'll be two wheeling around the neighborhood!

Dagny Does March

Here are some assorted photos of Dagny from last month:

As tinker bell for Purim

 As the magician's assistant at a classmate's birthday party.
 Helping me at the checkout counter. Nice outfit, right?
 Hard core shopping at a sporting goods shop.
 After we went running with the jogging stroller, we took a well deserved donut break until it was time to get Finley from Hebrew school.
 Entertaining herself at Finley's lacrosse practice.
Her first experience with "polish" at a friends' house - her tomboy mom is slightly terrified!

Pajama Shabbat 2016!
Dagny Tells a Book

Dagny and Molly

Our neighbors across the street have two boys (5th and 7th grade) that are Finley's idols, but Dagny much prefers to spend time with their sweet dog, Molly.

With two parents who aren't dog people, this dog fits perfectly on Dagny's wish list :)


Finley's been trying out a new sport this spring, lacrosse! He and his buddy, Sean, are taking a lacrosse clinic at a indoor sports place near us and they have been having a blast.

 I just can't get over how much like a little transformer or robot once he's got all the gear on.
We are a little fuzzy on the rules, but have been tuning into ESPNU to watch some college lacrosse to learn more.  Finley's signed up for another session and perhaps he'll spend a little more time throwing and refining his skills this time instead of just chasing the ball!!

Finley's Fairy Tale

On Friday morning, we all joined Finley in his kindergarten class for a Fairy Tale Tea.  His class has been reading, studying, and creating fairy tales for the past month and this was the celebration of all their hard work.  He was so excited for us to be there with him and the first this he did was read us his story "Sir Ben and The Wizard."

 Then, he showed us some artwork he created.  A cattle with sponge paint blocks, a princess and the pea paper collage and a portrait that he painted of his friend Henry who was dressed as a knight.

 Here is the portrait that Henry painted of Knight Finley. Love the idea that they painted portraits of each other!!
It was a magical morning of knights, castles, princesses, stories, donuts, and artwork.  What fun!