Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Castle in the Trees

With weather like this, we cannot get enough outside time so we checked out a playground that we had never been to before just ten minutes away (who knew?).  

Dagny wanted to check out the ride on/bouncy things first.  
With some encouragement and modeling from her big bro, Dagny headed up the structure down the twisty slide.  Over and over!
 Though she wasn't quite as fast as he would have liked!
 Then, it was back to the bouncy things.
 Finley loved this big, very quick slide on the other side of the playground.
 It was too fast for Dagny, on her own, so Dan hopped up to help her and Finley joined them.
 Swings, monkey bars, tunnels, bridges, etc. and then back to the bouncy things before we headed home.
Hard to imagine what life was like before this pair of adorableness was in our lives :)

On the (mini) Green

Yesterday was Patriot's Day/Marathon Monday here in MA and so the four of us had the day off together and since the weather was GORGEOUS, we took full advantage and went out to Kimball Farms to play mini-golf.  Our little sports nut, Finley, has been counting down the hours to this adventure since I mentioned it to him Friday morning (what was I thinking??).  We weren't sure how well Dagny would do but suspected if we brought enough snacks, she'd wander through most of the 18 holes with us.  However, apparently the novelty of her own golf ball and club were more than enough to keep her entertained!
 Finley was thrilled to start the round and carefully explained to his kid sister what to do.
 Picture perfect family outing!
 Finley started off well and loved all the elements of the course.
 After three of four holes, Dagny was finally willing to actually put her ball down and hit it with her club.  She was smart and put the ball about 4 inches from the hole!
 It Dagny's first time sporting a ponytail and she looked so cute, I kept trying to get pictures of her but she was always on the move!
 Thankfully there weren't any other golfers behind us and the people ahead of us were soon way ahead, so it was like having the whole course to ourselves :)
 Finley got the hang of locating the hole on each green before hitting the ball and Dagny eagerly trailed behind.
 Now, down to business.
 Seconds later...Finley hit a HOLE IN ONE!!!!!!! Dan and I's jaws dropped and we screamed with excitement!!!
 Finley proudly went to retrieve his ball and was simply beaming!
 Dan and I had some close calls, but no hole in ones for the grown ups :( which actually made Finley feel even more special and talented.
 Dagny continued to bop along with us from hole to hole and finding new places to sit and watch the action.
 As we neared the final hole, both kids were as energetic as they were at the start.
We returned our clubs and the kind lady at the register complimented Finley on his hole in one and gave him the green ball that he had been playing with as a souvenir (or at least one that looked like his!).  Finley was stoked and we all went to enjoy some much deserved ice cream.  I later remarked to Dan that I felt like we are reaching a new milestone in which we can do things as a family that ALL of us enjoy--not just Finley but Dagny, too, not just the kids but the grown ups, too.  Summer fun, here we come!!

Nothing Beats Free

On our way to Kimball Farms yesterday, I saw a kids' wheelbarrow outside a local kids' consignment shop and pointed it out to Dan.  I suggested we stop by on our way home and Dan convinced me that we should stop by now in case it isn't there later on.  I popped into the store to ask what the price was and the teenage salesgirl inside, said, "Oh, it's free."  Music to my ears--so I went back out and brought it over to the car to show a wide-eyed Finley before popping it into the trunk.  Score!  Finley commented how much he loves it when things are free and while we know he is far from financial understanding, at least he grasps this one concept!
Later in the day, Finley and Dagny couldn't wait to take their wheelbarrow out for a test drive (and pour).
 Finley was a pro and while we have never owned a wheelbarrow, he seemed to know just what to do with it from loading it up, steering it around, and tipping it forward to dump out the contents.
 Family yard work time went really well and Finley was surprisingly effective and helpful with his newest tool.
 Dagny wasn't the best driver of the wheelbarrow since she couldn't lift and roll it, but she was game to show Finley where to take the load they had put in.
After naps, we were all back out in the yard and Finley donned his new gardening gloves to help us clear out all the leaves in the front flower beds and dump them in the woods with his wheelbarrow.  All this fun and productivity for free, love that!