Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dagny Bueller

It's vacation week here in MA, but instead of sending both kids off to preschool today while I enjoyed some rare me time...I had to keep Dagny home because of a bit of sickness (that I won't share the gory details about) that all but seemed to disappear about an hour after we dropped off Finley...I think she pulled a Ferris Bueller!
I'm not saying she wasn't sick last night or a bit this morning, but this girl must have some heck of an immune system to just shrug germs off if they dare take hold!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pajama Day Spring 2015

Another preschool Pajama Day has come and gone :) It was nice to be in cotton instead of fleece, thank you, Spring! Finley is donning is most beloved shirt of the moment, a space shuttle launch shirt from Grammy that he'll proudly be able to wear for years to come.  He explained that since it's so long, he doesn't really need to wear pants...but for school, I said, let's wear pants!  

I couldn't get a great smile with camera eye contact from them both in one shot, but here are our outtakes!
And who doesn't love to get to bring a "lovey" to school??

For some flashbacks, here are the posts from the past two "jama days".

November 2014
February 2014

Hard to accept this will be their last shared PJ day since Finley will be off to kindergarten next year!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dagny At Bat

After just a few short lessons on how to hold the bat, watch the ball, and not hit the tee - Dagny has baseball all figured out (except the scoring system)!!

She even set up her own field with the bases arranged "just so." 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

February Flashback: One Huge Snow Storm

Towards the end of February, we got one of the biggest storms of our snowiest winters and it was finally the kind of snow that was good for snowballs, snowmen, and snow caves!
We put our snowball maker to good use!


Dan got to work on a snow cave.
 While Finley played across the street.

 Then he came back over with the neighbor boys to help Dan with the cave.

Finally, everyone pitched in to make Dagny her very own snow girl.
And Finley threw a snowball to Molly!
 Not bad, right?
 I went inside to get some veggies for facial features.
And I came up with a good trick, poke fruit/veggie with toothpick and then stick it into snow!
 Dagny was really excited!!

 When the boys ran off to play, we finished the snow girl by adding pigtails...
 and some dress details!
Pretty good teamwork to make an awesome snow girl!
 Great afternoon in the snow, but I'm excited that all that snow in the photos is gone now!!

A Basement Pool?

Yep, the kids made a basement pool.  They have really turned the corner and are more able to entertain themselves and each other, which is heaven!!  A couple weeks ago, Finley comes up from the basement asking for something "big and blue so we can make a pool."  Several sheets and towels later, they invited me down to see their pool complete with couch pillow diving boards.  They also had the new water squirters we got at Costco :) for pretend water fights.
Then, I grabbed them some noodles and some folding chairs.
 They had a total blast and the next day, Finley turned his soccer goal into a sun shade where they took breaks from swimming to rest in.
They get along pretty well and while they can often be found in the playroom at the same time, they are often just moving in their own circles playing with totally different stuff.  However, when they do want to play something that requires another person, it's nice they can ask each other and not one of us!
And boy can they have fun with just about anything :)
But let's be honest, while we love their new found independence -- we love how much they love spending time with us, too!

Passover and Spring in White Plains

Last weekend, we were down in White Plains for Passover.  We had two lovely seders and it was awesome to see Finley and Dagny so much more aware of the story, songs, and traditions of this holiday.  Finley brought the parsley he'd grown in his class for the seder plate, both kids sang their favorite Passover songs from school, and Dagny ate more matzah than just about anyone.
They were able to stay up late and help us finish the seder by finding the afikomen both nights.  And lucky for them, they were handsomely rewarded both evenings by gifts from GG and Grandpa's trip to London and from Aunt Linda as well!

On the morning of our departure, we ventured into the nearly springlike weather to enjoy one of our favorite NY parks.

Then, we wandered over to the baseball field where everyone got to show off their skills.  First, Grandpa was on the mound, Finley at bat, Dan was the catcher, and the girls were in the field.

Despite it being FOREVER since Finley had played ball, he was hitting home runs left and right!  Grandpa adjusted his well-honed softball skills to find Finley's strike zone and they both had a blast!  Then, it was Dags' turn to hit.
 While she was inexperienced, her enthusiasm was quite impressive! We walked around the harbor and back to the playground for a few more minutes before heading back for lunch at GG and Grandpa's.  Finally, we said our goodbyes and headed home.
I love quiet car rides :)