Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

This year, the kids were both finally into the idea of Halloween and trick or treating.  In previous years, there was a lot of talk and planning - but very little action.  I attribute this change to two things:
1. Finley's love of outer space furthered by the great shirt made with real NASA patches that his Grammy made him months back that only needed gray sweatpants and a homemade paper bag astronaut helmet to complete the look.
Oh and Dagny was a "police astronaut with a fire fighter water pack on her back"
2. We went daytime trick or treating with our friends whose town closes down its Main Street and all the shops pass out treats. This non-spooky experience really got them excited!
Dagny and her friend Sadie could be twins, right? Though they are a year apart and clearly have different interests!! So adorable!
Kids made our like bandits and were totally tuckered out by the time we made it back to our car at our friends' house.
The next day, Finley got to wear his costume again for a school parade. Dan and I did not take off work to see the event, but luckily I've made some nice mom friends in his class who supplied me with some photos!
Love the hands in pockets look!

Finally, the main event-- Halloween night! Dagny opted to be a worker in a tutu without her space helmet (since she said would not need to call mission control while we were trick or treating). Ha!
 We made it quite far into our little neighborhood, saw some great jack-o'lanterns, and got some nice treats (though many were peanut filled and not Finley friendly) before making it back to our front door to hand out candy to a few late stragglers.
 Finley said he wants to make sure we keep his helmet safe since he wants to be an astronaut again next year!

Pajama Shabbat for One

Now that Dagny's at ELC on her own, she was the only lucky duck that got to dress in her pajamas for Pajama Shabbat on Friday.  She was thrilled to wear some new horse themed pajamas and she chose to bring her beloved police dog, Gloria, with her to school.

I couldn't get her to pose in her pajamas before we left the house, but she did request that I take a picture of Gloria once we got to school.
To her left you can see a book, Officer Buckle and Gloria, which is where we got the name Gloria.  As soon as she arrived, she asked one of her teachers to read the book (to her and Gloria) and I left as kids and teachers, all in PJs, were snuggled up for a breakfast time story!