Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mom's Day 2016

We celebrated Mom's day with a day at the races on Saturday :) Finley and Dagny each got to run a kids race and they proudly earned their first racing medals!
 Then, GG and Grandpa (up from NY for the weekend) kindly took Dagny home since it was raining and quite chilly, while Dan, Finley and I waited around for my 5 mile race.  They enthusiastically cheered me on and I got a medal, too, when I crossed the finish line in 47min 17sec!

The rest of the weekend, we spent inside due to poor weather playing board games (Murray is the Monopoly Jr champ, Finley is the Sorry! champ, and Dagny taught GG how to play Garbage), reading books, watching the Kentucky derby, and cooking. The sun peeked out here and there on Sunday -- just in time for GG and Grandpa to head back south :(

But yes, finally, a great mom/kid photo on my special day!

And now the outtakes....

I'm a lucky girl!

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